The Basics Of Appraisal

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What exactly does real estate appraisal entail?

Real estate appraisal is the process of establishing the value of a property, generally the market value. Appraisals usually occur when someone is considering selling a property to find out what that property is worth. Other times appraisals are done to measure value growth on a piece of property that you are planning on keeping, but are looking to a see return on investment with. Decorum Valuation Services of Maryland offers the best in real estate appraisals.

Price as opposed to value.

When speaking in real estate terms, price and value are two different numbers. The price is what it costs to buy a piece of property. This is the marked up sticker price, and around what you should plan on paying when the transaction is all said and done. The value, or market value is what the property is actually worth. This is the competitive price that an asset would trade for in an auction setting.

Looking for the best real estate appraisal company in Maryland?

Look no farther than Decorum Valuation Services.  Unlike our competitors, we offer turnkey approaches to the real estate appraisal process from inception to completion. We offer several choices in appraisal reports, external reports, field reviews, desk reviews, home drive by photos with or without original comparable photos, and interior photos with or without original comparable photos. Our number one goal is to treat our clients well, be professional, and use the experience we’ve gained from nearly 30 years in those quickly changing and fast-paced industry.

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