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Unlike competitors, Decorum Valuations offers turnkey approaches to the real estate appraisal process, from inception to final completion. At Decorum, our service rings true to our name. Unlike our competitors, we have good taste, propriety, and etiquette. Furthermore, our services are not limited to residential appraisals but can expand to commercial property valuation as well. You’ll find that you can count on Decorum to be your real estate appraiser in Maryland.

Services Offered:

1004 Uniform Residential Appraisal Report

1004C Mobile Home Appraisal Report

1004D (442) Satisfactory Completion Certificate

1025 2-4 Family

1073 Condo Appraisal

1075 Condo Appraisal-Exterior

2000 Field Review

2006 Desk Review

2055 Drive-By with Comparable Photos

2055 Drive-By without Comparable Photos

2055 Interior without Comparable Photos

2055 Interior with Comparable Photos

2070 Exterior Report

2070 Exterior Report

2070 Interior Report

2075 Exterior Report

2090 Cooperative Appraisal

2095 Exterior-only Cooperative Appraisal

CMV Assisted Appraisal

Desktop Appraisal

FHA Conversion

2070 Exterior Report

2070 Exterior Report

2070 Exterior Report

2070 Exterior Report

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is to treat our clients well, be professional, and use the experiences we've gained from nearly 30 years in this quickly changing and fast-paced industry.